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Domestic homeowners and commercial businesses that occupy a structure that was built in Melbourne prior to the 1990s may be familiar with electrical problems such as fuses blowing and circuit breakers tripping at a constant rate.Ā 

In structures that experience such problems regardless of the time they were constructed, there may well be issues with the switchboard or outdated wiring, and a switchboard upgrade may be the only solution.

JTS Electrical is a licensed switchboard electrician, and we provide electrical switchboard upgrade services in the greater Melbourne area.Ā 

We can assess the severity of the situation and recommend a safe solution.

When is a Switchboard Upgrade Needed?

For domestic and commercial structures, the answer can be difficult to know without an on-site inspection of the switchboard by a certified electrician.

However, some of the signs that a switchboard needs to be upgraded for both applications include:

  • Domestic Switchboard Upgrade: Older domestic structures that are operating on fuses are ancient technology. They were designed to handle the power loads of the era and not the power and number of modern appliances in most homes today. Older structures with fuses will most likely need domestic switchboard upgrade services in the near future.
  • Commercial Switchboard Upgrade: Most commercial structures in Melbourne have been upgraded to modern switchboards with circuit breakers; however, some are overcrowded. For adding additional devices that require a dedicated circuit if a switchboard is overcrowded, a commercial switchboard upgrade with room for future expansion may be required.

Whatā€™s Involved In Upgrading a Switchboard?

For most situations involving a new switchboard upgrade, a certified switchboard electrician will inspect the current situation, provide a list of materials required, and write the consumer an estimate for the project.

JTS Electrical provides exceptional switchboard upgrade services, we ensure that all of our work meets or exceeds Australian Electrical Standards.

Our switchboard upgrade service involves the replacement of old ceramic fuses for modern circuit breakers and residual current devices (RCDs).

All components are housed in a state-of-the-art switchboard with correct labelling and explained to the customer before we leave the premises.

We also ensure that the correct consumer mains are installed because our customerā€™s safety takes precedence over anything else.

JTS Electrical will not leave any premises unsafe or until all upgrades are complete and meet our own familyā€™s safety standards.

The Details of Upgrading a Switchboard

  • The structure will be without power during the upgrade of a switchboard.
  • Our electricians will remove all outdated circuit protection devices such as fuses and the old switchboard itself.
  • A new 8-12 pole enclosure to the structure will be installed with new RCDs and circuit breakers.
  • The structureā€™s circuits will be fastened back onto the new RCDs or circuit breakers and reconnected in compliance with Australianā€™s Electrical Code AS NZS 3000:2018, which meets modern electrical safety standards.
  • We will also inspect the condition of the main earthed neutral (MEN) grounding system to ensure the main earthing conductor meets the same updated electrical standards.
  • We will undergo a battery of field tests to ensure there are no underlying issues or system faults.
  • Most of our switchboard upgrade can take 2-4hrs for domestic upgrades, and commercial switchboard upgrade can take between 4-8hrs, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade a Switchboard?

The average switchboard upgrade cost in Australia is approximately $600; however, depending on certain factors such as the size of the switchboard, the number of circuits, consumer mains, and labour rates can all impact the overall cost of an upgrade.

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